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12.26.06 James Brown IS dead. james at toop Brown freakout.

Peter, Karen. tippy

12.24.06 Hey!

What we need this Christmas is some good old-

Peace on Earth and Mercy Mild

12.23.06 Look, Chryse toop over time,'76-'06.

Toopine at Liveleak- read the nasty comments- funny!

Mike Geer will be playing at The Bitter End in NYC, Jan. 13.

12.22.06 Eskimo: Jutdlime pivdluarit ukiortame pivdluaritlo!

around the world

12.21.06 Picasso sitePicasso plate.

12.19.06 Stop the big monopoly of the internet or we all wil pay for it in the future. Check out the truth at this site.

Save the Internet

12.18.06 Enthusiasm- a Flash of the past.

Dan and Sean Flash

12.17.06 see toopine at Liveleak here

12.14.06 tron Tron out.

12.13.06 Leslie Michel's marbles (lost/found)Leslie Michel

12.12.06 test<<speed test of internet con.

12.10.06 See some toopine movies full-screen at this site:

12.8.06....................... means "How are you?".

12.6.06 Ove at Isound here Ove Michealsen

"He's been known to outnumber an entire audience."

12.5.06 day off


Sean and Mike

11.28.06 See Jean Vogrin's photographs at Yoga Nine.


11.27.06 Mike Geer is playing tonight at The Java Joint in Toms River, NJ. Below is a list of upcoming shows.

11.26.06 Raptor Art by Rob Lowe

Raptor art

Gabriel Thy's paintings here.

Gsbriel Thy paintings


11.25.06 A turkey from Leslie.nice tits


11.24.06 Hope everyone had a great time on the holiday. Ivan had fun at toopine bouncing on the pillows and drinking coffee.

Ivan thinking

We have the blog and cam running again. Below was transferred from the tempblog.

11.20.06 Now the webcam is down too. The server is totally jammed.t will be back soon too.

11.19.06 Here is Dan's server's comment on the situation (call it Joe):

11.18.06 The tr (Toms River) server needs a larger drive for all the toopine business so we put up this temp blog. You can comment by sending me mail and I will post it. The usual blog will be back soon. We want to say that the Verizon DSL line to that server is screwed up too, but we are busting their chops so maybe they will fix it right this time.

11.15.06 HopeHope, a movie from Chris at Norgeforge.

11.11.06 Mike Geer will be doing a full blown recording session at toopine in January.

Produced and engineered by Sean Fogarty so it will be done properly.

11.9.06Debbie signs

11.8.06 nuworldorder yeahsure.


11.4.06 All the links work again, after a dastardly attack on a toopine server put the cam down for a week and left me unable to update the blog...] New Zeepo music: Universapine



11.3.06 We are back up and running thanks to Dan Bibaud (AKA Zeepo).

10.24.06 cele paintingseeing things clearly

10.21.06 Peter Bieling's Halloween movie (Flash)- it's scary!!



10.18.06 Ghosts,snakes.

10.17.06 Too Pine Studios passes 10,000 hits at Google Video! But MedicineFilms outdoes them with 11,532 on just one of toopine's movies .

10.14.06 Metro and Olive

Metro and Olive.

10.11.06 Dan BibaudDan Bibaud helping with some .asp tips at toopine.

10.8.06 Wa message from the gulug:

10.5.06 5 new Mike Geer songs (in mp3 format) here. Listen!

new Geer songs

9.30.06 Giorgio at Google

New movie from toopine: Giorgio (Ironman) (mac version here)

9.26.06 Em's cool jewelryTranquila Jelelry

Em's having a show at the Noyes Art Museum Nov. 4th-5th

Ah, fickle fate. Right over the ashes today!!!

9.23.06 Quel desordre (What a Mess) is a big hit in France.

see at Google you PC folks

9.18.06 See some Toopine footage of Shout at the Devil with Tommy as the devil (the toopine data on the screen behind the band) watch, they shout, shout, shout at: Famous Wa It;s just some home movie of a part of the song someone in the audience posted at uTube but you can see our stuff clearly.

see some show

9.15.06 But a call to Jerome and they were in.

the movie at itube

9.14.06 Phonemail images from the Motley Crue show will be posted tonight live from the audience by Sean. Watch here tonight. 7:30 EST show starts so images should be up by 8:00.

...........8:17pm just talked to the tour manager and Danny and Sean are getting backstage right now .

...........9:52pm off radar

9.10.06 Reflections on a Chopper with Rebel and Peter Bieling reflected and reflecting on Peter's painting and Rebel's concept bike. See the movie: PC or Mac or PC/QT.

this movie at Goolle


See the Motley Crue show, on the 14th,(tickets) at the PNC Bank Arts Center and that's Terrell's video behind the band with some toopine footage from A Jersey Devil.

9.4.06 Possible new movie in the works; Peter Bieling script, starring 'Rebel' and his bizarre chopper:

9.1.06 New toop site for D&M Diesel Repair in progress:

8.29.06 see Limerdittividi

8.28.06 Kathleen Loesch's paintings on new pages:



8.26.06 Peter Bieling's new invention: industrial bug zapper.

see a Bieling at work



8.24.06 Ove Limmerick Song

Listen to Limmerdittievidi and see the video.

8.22.06 Limmerdittievidi is going to be interesting. Ove has put some of his limmericks to music and I am putting one to video.

8.20.06 Tommy (Wa) went too far this time and has left, for, we hope, greener pastures, with these final messages for us:

last threat

going to kill Ann

scary message



8.16.06 Islamic fascists, Christian fascists, Jewish fascists- it's all the same methodology: kill, kill, kill. Do you think if Moses, Jesus and Mohammad were locked in a room together there would be bloodshed?

8.14.06 New Mike Geer songs soon.

8.12.06 Terrell is going to use some devil footage from A Jersey Devil in a new Motley Crue video. He is also doing the show called 'Taking the Jesus Pill' Charlie Terrell

Taking the Jesus Pill

8.10.06 note to: Charlie Terrell- I'm not sure your getting my mail so I want to say YES here so you know I am interested in letting you use the footage. Send me your correct email. When I return your email it goes to blackcoat@sbcglobal.net. Is this correct?


Wa is ripe. He is outside the human limits, Truly crazy and past caring about it and broke now, too. The end is near.

8.6.06 new toop movie: Summer Night Summer Night movie

8.5.06 webcam is fixed thanks to Nick at Evocam.

7.26.06 paintings toxic

7.25.06,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, run!

7.19.06 Sean's new recording set-up:

in his dreams

he's working on msucic listsome stuff

7.16.06 Annus Horribilis, a new toopine movie, is in the early stages. Watch for it eventually.

7.15.06 a bangin movie

7.14.06 toughdays

Sean doing a Jack commercial last night on webcam:

well, he quit ciggies anyway

7.12.06 Ove Michaelsen

Ove finds a million!

7.8.06 Russ Hunt has a new video blog: Russ Hunt's blog

7.4.06 Michel flash Just Say Know!


6.26.06 new abstract painting page:

Pond, a painting

6.24.06 June movie soon just a pic

6.21.06 the longest day here in Jersey.

new page

6.18.06 we're flying nowyes!

6.17.06 paintings some paintings

6.15.06 still a few more bugs to get out...

6.14.06 working out the...

6.13.06 Toopine had a facelift- looks better on PC res. too.

the New Look

6.12.06 Peace!

6.11.06 Look, a new painting by Maggie Geer:

painting by Maggie Geer

6.8.06 New money is out:

6.6.06 666! see A Jersey Devil today!

ohhh, scary! PC's go to.....

Jersey Devil at Google

6.5.06 Web designer Leslie Michel's Girlie Tunnel- "designed for the 660 month old in mind"(that's me) :

Girlie Tunnel

6.4.06 JUNE! Annmarie Burns

Must be getting a lot of traffic at the site, got this from .Mac folks:

Dear .Mac Member,
Please be aware that you've exceeded 75% of your .Mac data transfer quota for the current period. At the current rate you may exceed your quota, especially if you have received this email towards the start of a two-week monitoring period (the 1st or the 16th of the month).

Don't worry though, bought more bandwidth! We ain't going anywhere.

5.31.06 Leslie Michel train ride flash- cool. Or, the whoowhoo one. Leslie Michel

5.29.06 Ove mail pic. It's a duck Daisy!

it really is a duck

5.28.06 see Jersey Devil Outtakes and laugh a little.

die laughing at toop weirdness

5.27.06 Sean mail from George's garden.

pci from Sean


Wa draws me like a dog

5.20.06 AJD and Animate on Ifilm now. they look better on Google though. And in full quality on the Toopine site for Quicktime folks.

http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2728661 <<Ifilm


5.19.06 drawing of Ann.

see a loop of Ann

5.16.06 Sean reporting in from the garden again. Daisy day. phoned in

5.13.06 Sean pic from garden

Sean took pic in garden with phone.

5.11.06 Vermont artist Mikey Welsh site.

Mikey Welsh

5.10.06 check out recent hits to toopine from around the world:

5,9,06 cronday, Mark Elliot at toop see an old day at toopine; cronday

5.8.06 Sky of Iran

nice photos from Fatemah in Iran.

5.7.06 wandering around the pine barrens day 5.6.06 pines poking around the pine barrens.

5.6.06 Dan Bibaud Dan at Toop

5.5.06 Game-Z by Phillpe Boisnard. This is an excellent vid; the French get the possibilities of this medium.

5.3.06 watch this guy fly Bird-Man

5.2.06 Real Spring- no f'n fkiwersReal Spring movie


4.30.06 Verboten can, get you killed. Thorston Fleisch's work is amongst the best that the internet has to offer. He is a true artist with film.

4.28.06 gifs, gifs, gifs

4.26.06 Eriks Dukats sculpture Eriks Dukats

4.25.06 Shop at Mark-Mart

Cost of the War in Iraq
(JavaScript Error)

4.24.06 stop genocide in Darfur here

4.23.06 Spring Rain, a short movie with original music by celetus Spring Rain

Peter, check this one; it's even worse. Need an antidressant to watch it. TS Elliot said, "April is the cruelest month."

4.22.06 ann gif- another fucking gif Ok Ann, strike a pose if you must.

4.21.06 fish gif- yes, just learned how to make these

4.20.06 see this Lucidhouse video at Vimeo

Lucidhouse video- very good stuff!

4.18.06 a liittle April movie just April .

thanks, Nick, at Evocam, for fixing the webcam! Great support!

these guys are great!



4/15/06 more goddamn Wa- never males any sense

4.14.06 HEY LOOK. Wa is back

from the garden

4.13.06 this is Ireland

4.10.06 ART by Bielings, come to the site

4.9.06 so it's Spring, big deal Spring - An experience in immortality. -Henry David Thoreau

4.6.06 see Mark Elliot at MySpace Mark Elliot self-portrait (myspace)

4.5.06 It's just a matter of time before we're late.

4.4.06 just another albino alligator


4.2.06 hear Ove at iSoundOve at iSound


Just a Picture

3.31.06 Much ado about Nothing:

at dotmac site

3.30.06 Mark Mart - a little movie by Mark Elliot

3.29.06 Ove Michealsen at Spuds in Berkeley, Ca. on May 13th at 7:30 p.m.

3.27.06 did you like Nothing Ann?

3.26.06 better Nothing here

3.25.06 the 'other' Annmarie the other night. Nothing here.

3.23.06 55

3.22.06 new FBI tracking device here . check out this body paint job:

3.21.06 Annmarie shot of Ireland:

3.18.06 toopine's only documentary: K. Bieling Digs Clay

3.16.06 go on a Binge with Russ Hunt .


google version here




got Too Pine Studios here hit

the 'play movies back to back' button and watch an hour of toopine.

3.13.06 is the problem as these girls will explain.

3.12.06 Dublin cam -is that Ann staggering?

3.11.06 Annmarie is in Ireland for St. Patrick's day.

got Too Pine Studios here

3.10.06 A Jersey Devil at Google

Ove song . newly done-

Good Healthy Smoke (Talkin' Tokin' Blues) -written and performed by

our man Ove. wordplayauthor@yahoo.com

3.8.06 wrote it on your...Eriks

3.7.06 we got Bill .

before Hunt found out: http://homepage.mac.com/russellhunt/iMovieTheater159.html

Biologics (the big version) on Google


painting by Kathleen Loesch. In New Hope, Pa. and Florida.


3.1.06 Cheney at Folsom

2.28/06 8F Consulting website- design by

Too Pine Studios

2.26.06 alternative black voices at Media 151



Gabriel Thy's paintings

2.24.06 WMV of Hak movie for PC peeps. learn why Bush is

so keen on giving away our security here:


2.18/06 The Piano

2.15.06 ..........370HSSV-0773H

Bush was baffled, so he E-mailed it to Condi Rice.

Condi and her aides had no clue either, so they
sent it to the FBI. No one could solve it at the FBI

so it went to the CIA, then to the NSA. With
no clue as to its meaning they eventually asked Britain's

MI-6 for help. Within a minute MI-6
cabled the White House with this reply:

"Tell the President he's holding the message upside down."


2.11.06 meet Savannah Geer



2.5.06 It is all Fun Stuff Peter!


A useless life is an early death.
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

1.29.06 shut up Wa

1.24.06 Having some up and downs with one of the Toop servers

so this blog and webcam and some movies can occaisionally be off

but try, try again folks !

1.21.06 As Is For by Chris Oakley but it looks like Biologics to me

1.20.06 see The Suicide video and get a giggle , also, an

interesting entry by Russ Hunt- Island Universes

Bridget Berlin and Andy screwing

around at The Factory . Bridget lives on Key Lime Pie nowadays.

1.15.06 Russ Hunt's adventures in Thailand

adventures 1-4

1.14.06 Amy Pschic

1.13.06 Naked Art

watch the process

1.12.06 Biologics

see Peter Bieling's new paintings (details only) or see Naked Art

1.8.06 Wa for sale here

a webcam view of the studio happenings ToopPeep


Bielings' new painting. Biologics (new movie) is in the works

1.6.06 Vlogart all video

anyone watch the webcam last night? Too bad! Toopine bad!

1.2.06 new Stop


1.1.06 for the Canadians (sorry 'bout that Percy) .

see how Russ Hunt spent his wild New Year's Eve




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