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4.30.07 Some proper censorship.

4.28.07 New Mikey Welsh paintings from Vermont:

Mikey Welsh paintings

4.27.07 Working on new vidi-

4.26.07 Shark jumping? Is that a new sport? Funny sneeze.

shark jumping

4.25.07 La Nausée is a novel by Existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre, written in 1938 while he was a college professor. It is one of Sartre's best-known novels.

a sample

Some classic Bushisms

4.24.07 OK, we need some new sky to get the blog rolling. This one is from Kathy's Veteran's mural:

4.23.07 Whiting plant list page.

4.21.07 Utah rap Rap from Utah- they can do it!


4.19.07 What the hell is going on? We were washed away for a few days.

4.15.07 Nor'easter in the Northeast today- BIG RAIN.

4.14.07 Russel Hunt's year:

Goth Blog

4.13.07 Kathleen Loesch working on one of eight murals for the Veteran's Hospital in Florida.

4.12.07 Jean Vogrin's photo for Easter:

4.11.07 He needs a new wig.

4.10.07 Lester Smedjen makes fine furniture. A movie showing his work coming this summer.

not a small face on Charles Bukowski

4.8.07 Happy Easter, all, to whom that applies.

poem by Charles Bukowski:

The Blackbirds Are Rough Today

lonely as a dry and used orchard
spread over the earth
for use and surrender.

shot down like an ex-pug selling
dailies on the corner.

taken by tears like
an aging chorus girl
who has gotten her last check.

a hanky is in order your lord your

the blackbirds are rough today
ingrown toenails
in an overnight
wine wine whine,
the blackbirds run around and
fly around
harping about
Spanish melodies and bones.

and everywhere is
the dream is as bad as
flapjacks and flat tires:

why do we go on
with our minds and
pockets full of
like a bad boy just out of
you tell
you who were a hero in some
you who teach children
you who drink with calmness
you who own large homes
and walk in gardens
you who have killed a man and own a
beautiful wife
you tell me
why I am on fire like old dry

we might surely have some interesting
it will keep the mailman busy.
and the butterflies and ants and bridges and
the rocket-makers and dogs and garage mechanics
will still go on a
until we run out of stamps

don't be ashamed of
anything; I guess God meant it all
locks on

4.6.07 Day after taxes. quitting

4.5.07 Taxes.

4.4.07 The other celetus: draculo celetus:

4.3.07 Robert Dunbar's book: Robert Dunbar

4.2.07 Change.

more Bad Dream

4.1.07 Bad Dream is good.

Bad Dream

Bad Dream

Bad Dream by celetus/Annmarie