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4.30.08 Flaming June by Frederic Lord Leighton was his masterpiece and a stunning painting even to modern eyes.

Flaming June

4.29.08 Karl Schmidt-Rottluff really rocked. online


4.28.08 "When with words and wicked herbs from humankind had altered and in brutal shapes confined..."-Virgil

4.27.08 So?



Real Bigprint

Real Bigfoot

4.25.08 Mars Day. Life on Mars? Looks like Bigfoot to me.

Mars life

4.24.08 It's a glorious, glorious day - Zeepo

4.23.08 earth

Day after Earth Day, hmmm, nothing changed.

4.22.08 Earth Day. Every day above ground is a good one.


4.20.08 Dreadnought? Methinks not.

The Error of Expectations

4.19.08 Franz Kafka's A Hunger Artist opens with a description of an old-fashioned hunger or fasting-artist, who spends his time on public display, a caged spectacle starving for a cause or for art. He lives his life there, with ribs protruding, allowing young children to look, poke, and fear his awe, strength, and courage. However, there has been a large decline in these fasting-artists in recent decades.

4.18.08 The artist Guillermo Vargas Habacuc is starving dogs to death at art galleries as a performance piece. He is trying to make a statement about food, hunger and hypocrisy but the means to his end are cruelly bizarre. Worst still are the gallery goers who didn't help the dog. Simply untie it and walk out of the place. petition to stop him And all of us watch babies starving to death on TV all the time. There are food riots in several countries as I write this.

4.17.08 The twins finished 56 revs. Happy b-day Mark and Kath and hope you are having a goodie.

4.16.08 Email exchange with Ove:



--- John Loesch <celetus@mac.com> wrote:

Do you think that the sound 'no' and the sound 'know' and their
meanings are associated? Does Know=No?

4.15.08 Plum blossoms make it a little easier but "April is the cruelest month" as T.S. Elliot said in The Wasteland (not referring to taxes).

The Wasteland

4.13.08 You've seen the final episode of Toopine Murder Mysteries now start from the beginning of the strange tale with Episode 1 (Dan Bibaud/ all work-Flash).

Murder Mystery

The old cat Buddy loves this time of year.

4.12.08 Half left, as opposed to alright, today.

4.11.08 What a fking mess things can get into. It only gets worse it seems sometimes, So much pain in this world and so little one can do about it. We all must keep slithering down the knife edge. No wonder people pray.

from Ove: Someone came up the anagram:

What in the world! = Halt with wonder.

4.10.08 Vandella.

4.9.08 Vannie as spy.

4.8.08 Taxes tomorrow- reminds me of this pic Sean took.

4.7.08 Mark was right. He said the Lamborghini wouldn't be good on the snow covered mountain roads so we sent it back.


4.6.08 Happy birthday tommorow Danny Sedon! Many more. (41 years old and could pass for 10)

4.5.08 Flowers are blooming in Jersey.

4.4.08 Just a pic.

4.3.08 Ove's poetic support of animals at the cool

Friends of the Animal Center Foundation.


Spare changers caused him deep despair.
They hounded him no matter where,
So he chose to go south
And wound up in the mouth
Of a large, hungry, bipolar bear.

At a bar sat an ant and a gnat.
They were served by a dog and a cat.
Then from under the rug
Crawled a male LADYbug;
He's a little embarrassed by that.

A bird that was too young for pickin'
Was in shock, but alive and still kickin'.
I did what was best,
Placed it back in the nest
But then when I got home, I had chicken.

Ove Ofteness (aka O.V. Michaelsen)

4.2.08 Client's comment at meeting yesterday about nearly finished website: "I hate it" So, back to drawing board.

4.1.08 I'm in the mood for Munch (simply because your near me).