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8.15.08 Ove is in Whos Who - that's great wordman.

8.31.08 Alexander Calder has a big mobile in the Museum of Art in Phila. called Ghost and is you sneek around the big curtains you can look out the window and see his father's fountain on the circle and way down the street you can see his grandfathers sculpture of of Benjamin Franklin on top of Independence Hall. He has a show of his jewelry there now.

Calder Foundation

8.30.08 Tick, tick, tick.

8.29.08 Sometimes things get strange in the barrens and that's fine with me. bad day Normal scares some people.

Bad Day

8.28.08 Live cam is on today- stuck in here working.

Joe Cocker interpretation. Damn, is that what he said.


8.27.08 Hard at work on the David Corsi for Congress site.

8.26.08 Going to do a Rain Dance all day. Is that sort of like the twist? Need rain like a \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ wheatfield.

8.25.08 Kirchner show at MoMA (really good one online):


8.24.08 Do you ever ask yourself, "What the fuck am I doing?"

8.23.08 Cool shot of water spouts off Bayville.

8.22.08 NJ's state bird- the Goldfinch. on a yellow flower.

8.20.08 The link to Actual Torture Video was messed up for a bit yesterday but works fine now. Sean in some kind of pain.

8.19.08 Actual Torture Video The horror, the horror.

8.18.08 The buzzards are gathering overhead...hmmm.

8.17.08 Lazy.

8.16.08 Talked to Mike Geer last night on the phone. He put a new band together down in Texas called The Blackboards.


You can hear some of their muz on their MySpace page.

Great! But I haven't DONE anything noteworthy.
Okay, I'll take it! Strange, though.

Dear Ove Ofteness,

Congratulations on being selected for the 2009 Edition of Who's Who in America! Your inclusion in this exclusive directory distinguishes you as one of the foremost achievers in your field.

As you may know, this edition commemorates our 110th anniversary of publishing. To celebrate this milestone, the 2009 Edition will include a special retrospective of Who's Who in America throughout its 110 year history. Included will be interesting facts, articles, and quotes from notable people paying homage to this venerable book of achievement. Having documented American achievement throughout the last 110 years, Who's Who in America has established itself as a unique part of American culture. We are proud to have provided this trusted reference source for all these years and are pleased to include you in this special commemorative edition.

I need ciggies to steady myself or I fall down a lot and get hurt- what? No sympathy? I hope I live through this.

8.14,08 I'm ready to smoke some corn silk.

8.13.08 Not a puff for 30 hrs. A mental case. GRRRRR

When you pick up a 'ho in Whiting it teally is a hoe.

8.12.08 Third attempt at quitting ciggies today. Raw.

8.11.08 Will put the whole above song up soon without the voice clip which was just for fun.

8.10.08 Rough one last night but got some data down. Sean and Dan improvising lyrics to a new guitar track of Dan's:

8.9.08 Ove knows:

The crew at TooPine should run for national office in 2012, as revealed in these anagrams.

"Elect us." (see "cult") --Celetus

Zome zinnia.

08.08.08 We're back finally. Not sure what the hell happened but the date for our return is interesting. Buddy just needs the hooka to be the Cheshire cat. (pic by Seanphone)

8.1.08 First tomatos- get thee to the kitchen Ann.

7.31.08 Chasing wabbits, crazy wabbits.

7.30.08 One more, Cele:

7.29.08 Faces come and go on my paintings- mostly go. This is a portrait of Sean that was around for a few minutes:

7.28.08 Super storms over the pines.

7.27.08 Alice wanted her ashes mixed with her dead cats so we thats the way it was- all in one big urn.