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12.31.07 Good riddance to '07 and may '08 be good to you all. Happy New Year! Live cams from Times Square.

12.30.07 Out of the hospital but still all f''d up and miserable with pain, and more witch doctors ahead still but can't complain while listening to the rain (sounds like a screwed up poem).

Times Square cam up Mon.

12.29.07 Nothing day. Sick, sick, sick, sickie.

12.28.07 While still on the number kick a few from the O-man:

PALINDROMES: 11 x 11= 121

47 + 74= 121

1326 + 6231= 7557

111,111,111 x 111,111,111=
12,345,678,987,654,321 -----numbers are mysterious.

12.27.07 Anyone see by the Numbers? (Flash format)

by the Numbers

12.26,07 Another one bites the dust. Something to thank God for.

12.25.07 Merry Christmas.

12.24.07 new toop mov: by the Numbers

And finally, A Partridge in a Pear Tree.


12.23.07 Two Turtle Doves (stay out of the South you boids!).

kill them here

12.22.07 Three French Hens. More French Hens I am sleep.

sing it dude

12.21.07 Four Calling Birds .It's boids from here on in.

Wa bird Wa rain dance Rain dance

12.20.07 Five Gold Rings.

the perfect gift

The Big Money.

12.19.07 Is this getting old yet? Still have five more to go.

Six Geese A-laying. Pieter Brueghel's six geese a-robbed:


12.18.07 War on Greed <learn about the rich bastards in this new series by Robert Greenwald.

Seven Swans A-swimming. Do swans swim?


12.17.07 Eight Maids A-milking.

find the maids

12.16.07 Nine Ladies Dancing. (well, maybe 29:)


12.15.07 What, me worry? Ten Lords A-leaping...


12.14.07 Maigan Blank's ghost. Meagan

12.13.07 Ghost on the stairs. Scary! Aunt Marie was too.

Aunt Marie

12.12.07 Ivan's Ghost pic. "This was also the picture that led to the South Jersey ghost researchers to come here."


12.11.07 Here is a ghost photo of Jim Morrison with my buddie Brett Meisner in a Paris cemetary.

12.10.07 Who loves the boar? Elvis, that's who.

12.9.07 Dan with his portable studio. We made some nu muz.

12.8.07 Finally Kath doesn't have to pedal to work.

12.7.07 Manuel Marino likes toopine and makes music.

Manuel's site

12.6.07 Blogging in a winter wonderland.

12.5.07 For Ove: Elbow Sex . Short but sweet.

We are all idiots (but some can dance).

12.4.07 Jersey wind farm cam.

12.3.07 We are all idiots..

Been quiet around here, too quiet. We are frozen solid, in Jersey that's 40 above, with an evil wind blowing.


12.2.07 First dusting of snow this morining in Jersey.

Mr. Snowflake

12.1.07 It starts again: f xmas

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