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2.28.07 Both cams are up again. Ove has a new band:

Ove band

We need some of this below. ENOUGH WINTER .

2.27.07 Toop peep working it out.

toopine gang

2.26.07 Mags is working on the album cover for 'Geer'.

Geer album cover

2.25.07 Mix, mix, mix, mix, mix, mix, mix. Mike Geer

2.24.07 We will be recording and mixing all day today. live

Ivan wabi sabi

2.23.07 Burnz last night on toopshow.


2.22.07 We'll have the live studiocam running tonight at 6:00.

2.21.07 The BIG PUSH is on to finish the album. You can catch it Thurs. nite live and we will have Mark El in the house too.

Look at what Ove found out there on the net:

2.20.07 Damon Dash is getting restless with an email to Mike about the songs. They are comin' Dame.

Danon Dash

2.19.07 Let Juliefabulous fix that headache for you:

Juliefabulous movie

2.18.07 Dan continues the war agaiinst the porn spammers.

Music is getting done

2.15.07 You can watch recording session tonight at 6:00, live.

2.14.07 The ice. The ice. Where is Spring. A day.


2.13.07 It looks like the connection problems might be over after a long battle with Comcast (<liars). Recording Thurs. evening and all day Saturday with Sean and Mike.

212.07 Next week we are going to try and broadcast Hak Vogrin live from his home deep in the pines in what should be an interesting stream(on Broadcaster- will post time here).

2.11.07 We are down during the day due to Comcast issues. But usually up live in the evenings.

210.07 We are up and down with our Comcast joke of a connection but you might see some live Geer recording later.

Anna Nicole
1968- 2007- Sean

2.8.07 Comcast has us nutz but there is a live cam now (when we aren't down) LIVE TOOPINE

Mike Geer

2.7.07 NEW MOVIE: Watch Miracle Mural and see a little of the media frenzy stirred up by the Bielings with their latest work! Only at Google for now but hi-def coming soon.

Miracle Mural

2.6.07 Loading B movie now, up in a few hours. Mike Geer live at 6:00 tonight on Braodcaster recording again.

Miracle Mural

New live cam on sometimes here with sound too. Bielings mural media event movie will be up tonight.

2.5.07 NEW MOVIE! See a funny minute at the Geer recording.

Geer movie

2.4.07 zzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz today.

Joeseph L. Macklin from WPVI- TV shooting the Bielings the other day.

2.3.07 Only shot from TV of Bieling's ABC mural interview but we will have a little movie up showing them being filmed soon.

2.2.07 Dan Bibaud with a late night rescue on the recording!! (and he is the Natural Porn Killer as well). Big thanks out to Zeepo for all the support. Got it down this morning and mixed, burned and out the door to Dame. Nice Job Sean!

Dan Bibaud

2.1.07 The mega producer Damon Dash (co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records with Jay-Z and owner of Dash Films) met with Mike Geer Monday and wants a song for an artist album- Toopine is recording it tonight and Dash will get it shortly.

Damon Dash