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2.29.08 Leap year-

2.28.08 Vannie wins $142,000.00 on a Pick 5. You go girl.

2.27.08 Pick a mood.


2.26.08 Dan working the phone. He's going multi-platform with his portable music studio.


2.25.08 The Cobra movement was founded in November 1948 and survived until November 1951. Karel Appel was one of the artists.


2.24.08 Autistic artist, Stephen Wiltshire, you will not believe what this guy can do. Freak out here.


2.23.08 My buddy, artist Erics Dukats, has a wild new website with bizarre new stuff. Check him out here.

Eriks Dukats

2.22.08 Finally, the first snow of '08 in Jersey.

2.21.08 What next? What a world. At least there was a Matisse in it at one time.

2.20.08 Second email: john@toopinewebdesign.com

2.19.08 We still really like Vermont's Mikey Welsh:

2.18.08 Songs of Experience.

Blake at Wiki

2.17.08 Quiet around here on Sundays. More Marquet:

2.16.08 iSound Unsigned Artist Rankings:

422. Suzy Fischer, featuring the Dinosaurs - John Cipollina, Spencer Dryden, Peter Albin

423. O.V. Michaelsen (Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Author)

Some Max Pechstein anyone?


2.15.08 Here is a poem by MEL:

OK, forgot Valentine's Day- and went with the frozen spit pic. A real romantic.

2.14.08 Closed the factory noise. The music above is bad enough. Here is Sean's pic of something nasty. I'm not saying anything.

2.13.08 "Donatello chez le fauves." - a critics comment that gave the group their name when he saw the classic displayed with the Fauvists. (Donatello among the wild beasts)


2.12.08 Back to the 'wild beasts' with Marquet.



2.10.08 More postmodernity- Jenny Holzer with the art of Jenny Holzer. Here

2.9.08 Big boy in the art world (and rightfully so) David Hockney wants A Bigger Grand Canyon:

Hockney site

2.8.08 What is new in art today? John Currin is really zooming up the charts. It will cost you over a million for a painting. He's not exactly Norman Rockwell.


2.7.08 (censored by S.F.- she didn't want to be next to the John Currin painting above)

2.6.08 Fauve trip Sail away.

2.5.08 Damn noisy aroound here- can't hear myself think.

2.4.08 Whatever.

2.3.08 Super Bowl?

2.2.08 Burned. Out, My only thought today:

What a bloody moron.

Just want to paint but am trapped in a business mess. Toopine is going corporate (LLC anyway) or I can't cash my checks. These are the threads that make the rope that hangs one. I bet Karl Schnidt-Rotluff didn't have these problems. Then again, maybe his were worse he could handle it. Who f'n knows!

Send me the Buddhist solution MEL.

Karl S-R

2.1.08 Ok, let's get this right. That was the third in the series of paintings for the Vet not the second as I keep calling it.

Kath's bolg