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1.31.07 Yesterday NBC, today ABC. Bielings are rocking!

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Pic from yesterday's TV interview by Edie Huggins with the Bielings (below) and today's interview with ABC's Joe L. Macklin (above). Some toopine video of the interview coming.

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1.30.07 Peter Bieling on TV- Pete and Pete have some hot new murals stirring up a media storm.

1.29.07 Recording went well this weekend and we'll finish up next week. Sorry about the cam issues but we were up most of the time and will be again next weekend too.

1.28.07 Still running studiocam of the session all day (Sun.).

1.27.07 Comcast crashed us but back up at 6:30 LIVE HERE

Recording starts at noon. Watch on Geer on cam.

1.27.07 Live Mike Geer recording, really live, here

1.26.07 webcam is on the recording studio set-up today and sound levels tonight.

TOOPINE IS BEING ATTACKED BY PORN NETWORK. This will be fixed eventually but in the mean time:


1.25.07 Webcam is up and showing studio set-up. RIGHT NOW

Watch the recording of Geer Fri./Sat. -webcam

All quiet on the toopine front.

1.23.07 It was a crazy night. All the trains were under
construction and all the cabs were full. I didn't show
up to the club until 6:00 and I was in boots with a
30lb guitar/case. Oh and did I mention it was 15
degrees in the city because of the wind chill. When I
got to the door it was locked. Fortunatly the man was
closing up and on his way out the door. So I gave him
a sob story and told him I was all the way from south
jersey. He let me come in to warm up, and then gave me
a chance to play.
After my song he applauded and was like you are
definatly going to get a call to scedule a time to
play here at the Bitter End. So it was a success!! I
did'nt get any pictures but, there will be a better
chance to on the night I play.-Mike Geer

1.21.07 NEW... free Toopong .....go crazy here ,

Some idiot is blasting the blog with porn links- bear with us as we work this out. DON'T CLICK HIS LINKS!

New movie concept in development: The Jersey Angel

A Jersey Angel

1.19.07 Well...not quite yet: American toopine

1.18.07 Mike Geer at The Bitter End Sat., 20th so the recording session will be on the 27th- watch it on the webcam.

some songs by Geer

1.16.07 The 'details' was from some comments by Pete. Need detali, who you gonna call: The Peters Bieling- need it, they can do it. See a slideshow of their recent projects- these dudes rock&roll it out. Bielings slideshow of recent work

Peter & Peter Bieling

Also, see Biologics starring Peter and son Peter here.


1.13.07 K Loesch site

Jersey Devil Outtakes passes 12,101 hits at MedicineFilms, 4,700 at LiveLeak, 900 at Google, 450 at Broadcaster, 128 at ifilm, 539 at Dailymotion, 629 at Utube, 522 at Vimeo, 334 at Dotmac.info, and untold hits at toopine.

Cheryl and Ann

1.12.07 MaggieThe Mike Geer session is going down the weekend of the 20th. You can watch live every 30 s. on the webcam then. Mike is playing The Bitter End tomorrow, around 4;30, in NYC.

1.11.07 Comments on comets:


1.10.07 OXYMORA: A BAKER'S DOZEN, by Ove

Berkeley, California...Any NORMAL person would be NUTS to move here.
Socializing is my least favorite form of solitude.
We're dumbing down from the bottom up.
When I said I'm a liar, I wasn't being truthful.
They wouldn't know subtlety if it clubbed them.
The store had nothing, and at twice the price.
For me, feeling good is not conducive to creativity. It's depressing.
"Paradise" would kill me with boredom. Imagine having to die for it. Talk about a living hell.
If you're going to write badly, do it well.
I prefer my women in the singular.
Incompetence, all the way down to the top.
Someone should inform the public of my fame.
But seriously, this is all in fun.

1.9.07 Where did snow go? I'm planting some palm trees here in New Jersey. No winter at all this year.

1.8.07Twillight ZoneRod Serling's ipod.

1.7.07 Happy New Year to you too George! <oloo in the zone

1.6.07 Wabi-Sabi

1.5.07 Kathleen LoeschNew Kathleen Loesch site.

2.4.07 That's Dan Sedon defendinga guy from an angry mob, in a murder trial, like Atticus Finch in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. He saved his butt too. He is our legal councelor at toopine (and celetus' brother).

1.3.07 Oddities Oddities page (mostly junk) at toop.

1.2.07 Two more vids of Motley Crue doing their thing to toopine's devil footage have surfaced on the net: here and here. The first one shows much of the Wa stuff clearly.

Wa and Vince

1.1.07 See Annmarie as an elf here . Zeepo here .More?

Sean here . Ove here .OK, one more, Jersey Devil here .

12.31.06 HAPPY NEW YEAR! (it has to be better than 2006)

Times Square webcam

Happy New Year!

12.28.06 2007 is the Year of the Pig,