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1.31.08 Locked in a church (site) all week. Half done.

1.30,08 Russell Hunt has neat short doc that is callled Schizophrenic like me and you can see it here.

Russ Hunt movie

1.29.08 Arrest the President for war crimes? He better stay out of Vermont or he could end up in Ann's kitchen at the federal prison peeling onions. read article

Kathleen Loesch finished her large second painting for the Veteran's Hospital. On to the next one.

Kath's site

1.28.08 Bibaud, Rimbaud, and Wa, yesterday was hot!

at Google

1.27.08 Something-Something, more Jersey Devil. <toopvid


On the blue summer evenings, I shall go down the paths,
Getting pricked by the corn, crushing the short grass:
In a dream I shall feel its coolness on my feet.
I shall let the wind bathe my bare head.

I shall not speak, I shall think about nothing:
But endless love will mount in my soul;
And I shall travel far, very far, like a gipsy,
Through the countryside - as happy as if I were with a woman.

Arthur Rimbaud
March 1870.

1.26.08 Something-Anything.

1.24.08 hmmm.

1.23.08 New toop website Innocent Apparel is now open.

Innocent Apparel

1.22.08 Guess who is coming (back) to dinner? nuvidsoon.

1.21.08 "Sir Walter Raleigh was such a stupid get."

1.20.08 Larry Caveny is up to his usual mischief-

Larry's site

1.19.08 Grandma Moses was painting at 100 years old.


1.18.08 Everyone loves dentists. Again today.

1.17.08 Dentist today! Broke my fromt tooth- we fall apart.

1.16.08 Bielings freakshow site: freakshowbanners.com

1.15.08 Freud and the excretory imagination of fin-de-siecle Europe, in other words shit=money is true. I don't know what this vid has to do with it but.....here

1.14.08 Some days one just shouldn't get up. This is one.

1.13.08 Drawing a blank on name of the Ove song above. What was it Ove? Oh yeah, duh, John Brown. Fixed.

1.12.08 Who were all those people smashing up toop last night? A keyboard survived a beer bath but looks like a tornado went through. I think some was filmed but for now......

1.11.08 If the global warming continues, and what is going to stop it, the Jersey shore will be Miami soon.

old days

1.10.08 Great name for a dada artist: Man Ray.


1.9.08 Ray Charles is the inspiration for this wildness. Fun:

Ray made

1.8.08 Dan Sedon takes on Vermont legal system with a simple question; "Why is pot cultivation for personal use illegal?" Get 'em Danny! Read the article here.

Times Argus article

1.7.08 This is the redtailed hawk and swooping around everywhere I go these days like some omen, like some vulture. It must be the limp.knee death Not today!

1.6.08 How about Manet Manet vs Monet.:


1.5.08 How many people know the difference between the great American artists Larry Poons and Jeff Koons?


Larry Poons


Jeff Koons

1.4.08 Brain in clouds.

1.3.08 Obey!.obey

1.2.08 This is an actual microscope photo of the thing in my knee.

nutty art

1.1.08 The best month of all- January!