1.30.09 These guys are determined.

1.28.09 This has to be the bottom of Winter, yeccch. Just want to sleep the day away and wait for the grey to go away.

1.27.09 Looks like we put all the nasty problems behind us thanks to Zeepo's hard work. Some hot stuff coming in Feb.

1.26.09 Down for 48 hours, but we are back. The wires at Verizon look something like this:

1.24.09 Still improving the site- will have a new movie today too. Keep tuned, things are changing around here. Fans know the O:

Many gadgets, and not one suffices,
But they're new at affordable prices.
Everyday our technology
Transcends our knowledge. We-
're half as bright as our devices.

1.23.09 A new look for the Toopine Studios- take a look. Also, we have converted many of the movies to ultrafast Flash. They will be in bold type throughout the site.

New Look!

1.20.10 fFrom the big O:

This pretty much sums it up.

I've traveled around a few blocks,
And have gotten my share of hard knocks.
All the wisdom I hoard
Is conveniently stored
In the corner of one tiny box.

1.20.09 Hail to the cheif- the new cheif! B.H.O.

1.19.09 This Red-Bellied Woodpecker visits everyday.

1.18.09 Wassily Kandinsky, Improvisation 31 (Sea Battle).

1.17.09 Cold as hell today. Cold as a hacker's heart. That's David Morice in the YouTube video about Tampon Mona Lisa.

Dave Morice

1.16.09 Will you spammers get a life- no one is going to click your idiot links. You have too much time on your hands. Why don't you try something creatuve like Dr. ABC:


1.15.09 Jeez, never gonna beat these assholes down.

1.13.09 Sean shot this UFO on his cell phone while doing a plumbing job last night. He also got some video but we are still trying to download it from his phone. Lots of UFO activity now that the secret Superbase has opened in the pines.

1.12.09 This is great stuff- Fleisch's Gestalt:


Just a pic of a page in my Bridge.

1.10.09 Is it safe?

1.9.09 A little experiment underway.

1.8.09 Grrrr.

1.7.09 Get 'em Zeepo! Zap those morons.

Maybe the wisdom of O will stop them:

In an age of increasing fragility,
And technology's awesome ability,
One day the great sun
Will be corporate run
If not owned by a major utility.

1.6.09 Ignore the black links in the Comment boxes- it's a hacker we will deal with soon.

1.5.09 Idiots.

1.3.09 O.V. Michaelsen, our wordsmith in California, is going to have his 4th book published soon. The limericks on our site are all his work and we thank him for his contributions:

Cripes. I lost my wits on the last line.
I'm a lunatic! (Ove)


Ben Franklin was not quite so quirky,
Suggesting we choose the wild turkey.
The eagle's a predator.
Take THAT one, editor!
Humble pie, crow, and beef jerky

1.2.09 Just photoed an old painting of the garden in fall:

1.1.09 Hey, that's 9.11 backwards- watch out. A toopsnow from the past but the wind is similar to today: