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7.25.08 We bury Alice (Ann's grandma) today.

7.24.08 After six weeks of drought- RAIN!! The garden saved.

7.23.08 You can see my bare back weeding the garden:

7.22.08 Hot and dry in the Pines. Toohot.

7.21.08 Leslie Michel oddities Leslie

6 fingers

7.20.08 Kees Von Dongen -yes, Peter, he's great.


7.19.08 Stuck in the swamps of Jersey but at least the swamp lilies are blooming:

7.18.08 Portrait of Zeepo:

7.17.08 Fun in Whiting: Certain toopine personal bounced and on the loose tonight. We're not using names but certain person drinks a certain booze and JD is his nom de guerre. That's Jimmy John with the choke hold:

Disco! Official Summer.

7.16.08 Closer:

Karl Schmidt-Rottluff. (German, 1884-1976):

more Karl

7.15.08 First sunflower opening:

7.14.08 Remember 'flesh' color crayons? The debate rages.

7.13.08 More strange info on beige.

7.12.08 Biege is the new black...hmm...maybe not.

Biege on Biege

Would you hit Sinatra in the face with a cream pie? Well, Soupy Sales got away with it.


7.11 .08 Summer night.

7.10.08 Zinnia, oh Zinnia, that encyclopedia,,,,you can learn a lot from Zinnia.

history of clowns

7.9.08 Hak

7.8.08 After the much needed rainstorm yesterday:

7.7.08 David Hockney painting:

7.6.08 Back to paint for a day I hope.

7.5.08 Letter from my sister:

Hey Kev,
Check out the link below. I knew Chuck Connelly from Tyler... one of my insane hard drinking friends who later gained some fame in the 80's for both his art and notoriously bad public behavior. One of the last times I saw him was shortly after grandma and John were murdered. I was at a bar on 1st St and 1st Ave ( the same place I took you and Van to years ago) and Chuck embraced me screaming how he wished he could experience a slaughter in his life to bring that emotion into his art. Several months later, I went to a big opening of his and sure enough there was a big gory massacre painting.
This video, "The art of failure" is a documentary of Chuck's fall into obscurity. Though extremely talented, he could never conform to the business side of the art world.... basically causing the most influential collectors, art dealers, and galleries to avoid him.
Anyway, this site has a few video interviews with him and a link to his web site too. Thought I'd share it with you because Chuck really is the kind of artist and man you'd no doubt relate to on a variety of levels. Hope I pasted the link in correctly.
Love you, Kath

Art of Failure (also on HBO July 7th)

7.4.08 Nice wordplay from Ove on the 4th:

SIGNING OUR DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA = Thirteen colonies post defiance dead against future foreign dominance

7.1.08 Been hearing about coyotes in NJ Pine Barrens for years and finally had one visit- they ARE real. (not my pic)


6.30.08 Where did June go?

Annmarie and Dan

sunset on garden gate

6.29.08 Still working on the huge download so we will be slow loading for a while longer- don't give us up- will be normal eventually.

6.28.08 If money is the root of all evil what is the fruit?

6.27.08 Sorry about the slow server- It'll be right soon.

Here is a link to Apple Pie Hill (on a fast server and in Flash format too)- here

6.25.08 We're back and running fast. Our movie tomorrow.

Blog is loading slowly due to some extra work we are heaping on it but will be fine in a day or two.