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7.30.07 Mikey Welsh site:


7.27.07 Too hot to blog.

7.24.07 ?

7.21.07 Reminds me of Jeffo's work (he is working again too)

7.19.07 Toopine Web Design site in progress.

7.15.07 Rough night.

7.14.07 Ove Michaelsen is our resident wordsmith:

Ove Michealsen


get fixed

7.11.07 The Toopine Clinic for the Guitarded has four new grads- let's give them a big hand! Well done!

Site for Burnt Tavern Manor Association is done.

Burnt Tavern Manor

7.8.07 Hot.



Annmarie Burns , Chairman of the Board,

To all toopine associates,

It has come to my attention, in the form of screeching music and barking dogs, screeming, complaining neighbors and trash scattered in the toopine gardens, that certain members of the extended toopine family must be, and hereby are, BANNED from the garden area pending further investigation. This disruptive behavior will not be tolerated on toopine grounds. You know who you are and we expect you to enter the Toopine Clinic for the Guitarded as soon as possible in order to continue your participation with our grand endeavor.

keep up the happy spirit,

your leader, Annmarie Burns


7.4.07 Albert knew more than physics.

"Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind."
- Albert Einstein

7.3.07 Work, work, work, work......

In Progress site

Ove wrote me: After writing more than 250 "keepers" over fifteen months, in my free time (I've discarded a lot
of the verses), experts consider these the best of the batch.

In this limerick, luck allowed me the opportunity to use eight rhymes in the five lines.

In a minster, a mister, a minister,
"Saved" a spinster, a sister, quite sinister.
Their disgust only grew
More lust in the two
On a pew with a brew. Yes, he Guinnessed 'er.

The girlfriend of Morton ("Mort") Tucker (Nice pair!)
Was stationed, or "stuck," at Fort Rucker. (No fair!)
While boarding a copter (I swear),
The rotors done chopped her (blonde hair).
The poor thing was one lousy ducker. (Beware.)