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Kathleen Loesch's 4' x 8' sunset mural for the Veteran's Hospital in Florida.

Kath's site

6.24.08 Jean Einbeck-Vogrin is in a juried show about works on paper at the Foundation of the Arts and Sciences on LBI. (June 21-Julu 14) That is one of her photos on the invitations:


6.23.08 Lazy day. Blackeyed susans:

6.22.08 Octupus Conductor in situ.


6.21.08 First day of Summer! Nearly finished with a new toopine movie with Dan Bibaud's music and high-wire skills at the top of Apple Pie Hill. Coming this week.

6.20.08 Another Kurt Schwitters that reminds me of Tommy's cartoons.

6.19.08 Tne new project from the Bielings is a Conductor Squid and Orchestra. I have to get out there with the movie camera.

6.18.08 Hermann Friedrich Bieling (1887 - 1964) was Peter's grandfather and has a square named for him in Germany. You can see the resemblance in this self-portrait:


6.17.08 Kurt Schwitters friend Bieling started the Bielings family of artists and is still famous in Germany. A master of collage:


6.16.08 This is what I'm thinking (painting stylewise), below- Untitled, torn paper/mixed media/photo/PS, from my 'paper' series:

6.15.08 Watch a short Flash of Dan making a song here.

Zeppo's head exploding with ideas.

6.14.08 Dan doing stuff.

Tim Russert's replacement:

6.13.08 I smell paint.

6.12.08 What ever happened to Sean around here? Dunno.

Some shots from the pines today. Under cedar water rocks:

Fun in a cedar swamp despite the greenhead flies:

6.11.08 Cooling off with Carl Orff.

Ove's guitar at TooPine West: Ove on Google

6.10.08 4th day of cooking in Jersey. Here is Heat Wave, I think they are Korean or something.


6.9.08 Martha and the Vandellas knew something about heat waves. If Vannie replaced Martha it would be Vandella and the Vandellas.

Heat Wave song

6.8.08 Some like it hot. Like Marilyn Monroe.

Some Like It Hot

6.7.08 IT'S HOT! We are having a heat wave in the pines.

piney site

8.6.08 __________

6.5.08 Pic of Hak this afternoon:

Off to see our buddy Hak today. He's an odd bird. (I should talk). He worries about birds. Hears the chainsaws.

Hak's site

6.4.08 Not many people change the world with their art. Bo Diddley did! So long dude. rockhere, RIP, Bo, mo mo.

Bo song

One thing really bad about the pine barrens is the chiggers, ticks and flees which have us looking like we have small pox. Still, we wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

6.3.08 Letting the paint fly again. Feels good.

6.2.08 Gonna paint today if it kills me (might).

6.1.08 June is the month that goes fastest.