6.20.09 Summertime starts.

6.10.09 Why does June flash by so fast and April crawl?

6.07.09 Once we get these damn server-side problems fixed we'll be posting daily again. Danny's bought a house and we'll be moving and redeploying the server at the new location so we're gonna be down for a week or two but then a nice new look will be coming too. The whole Toopine site is going to be revamped as well to make it clean and fast so bear with us and things will be back to BETTER than normal.

In the mean time dig a O.V. Ofteness.(below) Did you know that if you look up 'palindrome' on the computer you'll find Ove and his book Words at Play mentioned at Wikipedia!



Long words won't impress but a few.
Lugubrious what? Not a clue.
You're more than a bore
If you use three or four
When a mere one or two oughtta do.