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6.30.07 --------

6.29.07 daddy's site

I remember when Paris was a city.

6.28.07 Close-up of Gypsy moth wing:

6.27.07 The Gypsy Moth attack is letting up finally.


8.25.07 New site started. Burnt Tavern Manor Association.

See my ol' buddy Larry Caveny's new paintings.

Larry Caveny Art

6.34.07 Blinding light.

6.23.07 Good morning Annmarie.

What a Mess

6.21.07---- Summer is here!

Mental health

6.20.07 Summer begins tonight.

toopine garden

6.19.07 Wa for Sale below. We sold him eventually.

Wa for sale

6.18.07 Russell Hunt's new Goth Blog addition:

Munchausen by Proxy

6.16.07 New toop designed site for The Vovo Clinic:

The Vovo Clinic


Berkeley, California? Any NORMAL person would be NUTS to move here.
Socializing is my least favorite form of solitude.
We're dumbing down from the bottom up.
When I said I'm a liar, I wasn't being truthful.
They wouldn't know subtlety if it clubbed them.
The store had nothing, and at twice the price.
For me, feeling good is not conducive to creativity. It's depressing.
"Paradise" would kill me with boredom. Imagine having to die for it. Talk about a living hell.
If you're going to write badly, do it well.
I prefer my women in the singular.
Incompetence, all the way down to the top.
Someone should inform the public of my fame.
But seriously, this is all in fun

6.13.07 This is an exploding supa'nova.....well, not quite.


6.11.07 Spaced out for good.

6.9.07 Coreopsis time. June Rain

6.7.07 Blow-up at Google Nice mix.

Brett Meisner's new contest for musicians video:


6.6.07 Who doesn't love June. Summer soon. Kath link:

Kath Loesch site

6.5.07 Some Smoke it would be nice.

6.4.07 Some space would be nice.

ol' Wa


6.2.07 See a sketch of the new giant Bielings mural here.

6.1.07 Sean phone shots of toopine gardens:

5.31.07 New, very short, movie from toopine: Spin (at Google)


5.29.07 Rattler and garden. Pine Barrens Rattler