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Wa for Sale


3.29.07 Wa for Saleol' Wa

3.28.07 Bid the sickness cease.

3.27.07 French rap song: French rap Tommy still in the booby hatch: Ancora link

3.25.07 A Jersey Devil AJD link

3.24.07 Alexander Kochan's Facescapes:

Alexander Kochan

3.23.07 Around the sun 56 times today.

Leslie Michel

3.21.07 Listen to this music on Spring Rain, an original celetus symphony. It really is! Made last year but worth another listen.

Spring Rain

3.20.07 Adios winter. Brett Meiser's new vidi:

Brett Meisner Martial Arts Challenge Interview

Brett Meisner karateman

3.19.07 we have colds here

3.18.07 Slats Slats, vidi by Futurelab.

3.17.07 Ann can sleep through anything.


3.15.07 Follow Sean around the studio in short movie.


3.14.07 Dogs know.

Cozy and Louie

3.13.07 Mirella Huisman's new paintings:

Mirella Huisman

A billion birds, starlings, descend on English countryside:


3.12.07 Radiation Baby - Radiation Baby

Dan Bibaud opining on recent toop song.

3.11.07 Another rough night recording some toop vidi sounds.

3.9.07 Sean recording last week:

Johhny Bravo from Broadcaster:

3.9.07Cab Calloway

Tyler's toopine graffitti from Newfoundland and new ad here.

Tyler's ad for toopine

3.8.07 The Tornados rock out with Robot (only in France!).

Robot rock video

Or, check out an American original, Cab Calloway (the reefer).

3.7.07 Brett Meisner was kind enought to forgive my fake ransom email that I sent him telling him a midget was holding his movie hostage- no FBI!!

Brett on hunger strike


3.6.07 March on, March. A belated valentine from JulieFab

3.5.07 Sleeping till daffodil time.....zzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz zzzzzz.

toopine garden


link to Mike in studio

Hollywood's own Brett Meisner, the Rockandrollbadboy visits us.

Brett Meisner


3.2.07 Everything is alright. Thanks, Leslie Michel.

3.1.07 Toopine fan tdobbin made an ad for toop here.

Back to the console Sean! No March madness. nuttyvid