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5.28.07 Memorial Day. "Let the dead bury the dead" -Jesus

5.27.07 Dan Bibaud saying hello to the grand daddy of all pine snakes. It nice to know there are a few around still.

5.26.07 Daisy, daisy...


5.24.07 Tyler Dobbin, our publicist in Newfoundland, giving a Canadian welcome to everyone.

Who, who, who let the Gods out? Good one Ove!


5.22.07 Ove Michaelsen's new series:

5.21.07 Blow-up is a big F-up, 0 hits at Utube! Boohoo. OK, so I ripped the title off the Michelangelo Antonioni movie.

5.20.07 New toopine movie: Blow-up (at Google here)


5.18.07 Iris time in Jersey. Nietzsche said, "Deserts grow. Woe to him who harbors deserts". I say, "Gardens grow. Whim to him who harbors gardens".

5.17.07 Mother Nature:

5.16.07 Fire burning in the pines- Just missed Hak and Jean.

video of firemen


5.15.07 Plant the garden day.Leni wants rasberries.

5.13.07 Hunting T-Rex? This is your gun

5.12.07 Kath finished the first of 7 murals for the Veteran.s hospital, just 6 to go.

see more Kath paintings

5.11.07 I think this guy works at the Exxon. Faces. Why can't terrorists look like Russ Hunt? see Lashes n' Paint

new movie by Hunt

5.8.07 Fort Dix terrorist plot busted. They would have to get past Burnz first though and she would have stopped them with a nice brunch and her big mouth. Now she'll have them working in her kitchen after they're sentenced. What a world.

Ft. Dix

5.7.07 The honey bees are dying! The end is near.

dead bees

5.6.07 Live Cat Stevens (Yusef Islam) singing 'Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood': Yusef Islam

5.2.07 Another 'Outsider', Cholla: Cholla art

5.1.07 Gabriel Thy is back amongst the living.

Thy's art