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5.31.08 Goodbye May, hello June. Ove is still kicking, even recorded a new song- a Beatles song you'll soon hear.

5.30.08 Zeepo's TooPine North studio.

5.29.08 Hak and Jean's 'Garden' is blooming (It is the natural Pine Barrens and the laurel comes right up to the house and grows along the footpath that gets you there).

Where the heck is Ove?

5.28.08 Scenes from Elizabeth, NJ (nasty NJ):

5.27.08 Dan amd Stacy went a-campin.

5.26.08 Memorial Day.

We're on Mars. We are from Mars.

5.25.08 Man, this month is rolling by. Mars landing tonight. It is daisytime in the garden and pushing-up-daisies holiday time. See Garden (was C-house) Flash.


5.24.08 Nice new Limmerdittievidi. (don't blame Ove for the unfortunate title and I screw his name up too on the vidi. O.V. Ofteness is his nom de guerre and Ove Michaelsen is his name but OV Michaelsen ain't nobody).Ove music video

Don't stare at the sun.

5.23.08 Suntree:

Dan was not pleased with the Louiedogsong being posted so I have to rip that out as soon as possible. Still converting our movies to Flash. See Big Hak in that format.

Big Hak

5.22.08 Mock Orange and Dame's Rocket are blooming.

5.21.08 Ann found a half-drowned baby bird, raised it back to health and just released it. Fun to watch it fly away.

5.20.08 Shot rainy pre-dawn video in the pines this morning. Will post some this afternoon. Sort of Sunrise Earth without the sunrise. The barrens are magical at that hour. Didn't see the Jersey Devil though but lots of deer, a chipmonk and a crane.*

Done. Here is this morning in the N.J. Pine Barrens. (Flash)

Pine Barrens Predawn

5.19.08 Another bloody Monday. Should get my paints today.

Hot dog.

5.18.08 Continuing out Wa week we look at Wa ball.

Animate (Flash ver.)

5.16.08 New website client: corsiforcongress.com. David Corsi, Twelth district, New Jersey, (I). Vote this year.

Politics by Wa:

Wa's most famous album. Red on Red.

The album tracks include:

Rainy Day Meds (51/50)
Visions of Psychosis
I Haunt You
Absolutely AnnMarie
Obviously 5 Delusions
Sad-Eyed Lady of the Pinelands (ed./OV Ofteness)

flash v. of Outtakes

Old Tommy pic- dreaming up his toons:


Bum wine anyone? Yummy.

Bum wine

5.15.08 Big O in Cal.:

Oh, Lord, won't you buy me
A Les Paul guitar,
A lousy axe and talent
Won't get me very far.

With a hairpiece and dark glasses
I could be an online star.
Oh, Lord, if you'd just buy me
A Les Paul guitar.

Thinking, thinking about the new painting series I'm about to begin. Well, the thinking part is the most important so I guess I have begun already.

some cele paintings

5.14.08 Making Flash versions of the toopine movies that are higher quality than those on Google and download almost instantly. Have these so far:

A Jersey Devil, Outtakes, Stop, Animate.

5.13.08 OK

5.12.08 Jules Renard said this: "Look for the ridiculous in everything and you will find it". And that will set you free to think and laugh. Geez, I miss Wa sometimes.

Some Ove:

We have SOME control over our fates,
But we're constantly wiping our slates,
And continue to make
Every age-old mistake.
It's among our least fortunate traits.


Nearly everything happens again.
Yes, it's merely a matter of when.
Let's hope we're not cursed
By repeats of the worst.
Sincerely, your brother. Amen.

"We learn from history that we do not learn from history."
--Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831), German philosopher

5.11.08 We're Back! Dan has our giant new server up and running sweet. Toopine didn't die folks and even exploding hard drives can't stop us now. Thanks for visiting.

5.7.08 Still more, more, more.

More Schmidt-Rotluff- (because he so nice).

5.5.08 Spring sprung in the Pine Barrens .

5.3.08 Toopine's hot new server.

5.2.08 Georg Baselitz's sculpture below.


5.1.08 May Fool's Day.