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5.27.09 So?

5.26.09 Just an iris. Two days of beauty and poof- gone.

5.25.09 Oh well.

5.21.09 Mark El at toop today.

5.19.09 Michaelsen sez:

Ignoring the points and essentials,
Before he could earn his credentials,
He rushed through his prime
And then wasted more time
As he stalled to recount his potentials.

5.18.09 Iris/daisy time.


5.12.09 Hard times.

5.08.09 Rain. The Lower Plains in the Pine Barrens today:

5.07.09 Mark El is in NJ. We are going down to Tuckerton to see him now. He wants to go to India next. He's on a tour of the worst spots in the worst places in the world, it seems to me sometimes. And it's still raining with more on the way.

5.06.09 10 days of rain!?! IIP test

5.02.09 Let us see the lettuce. Let us ce celetus.

Funniest Dancing Bird Ever!!! - The best bloopers are here 

5.01.09 Sean is going to do an outhouse series of photos.

4.30.09 Off to Lakewood Industrial Park for a third try at Innovations in Print's new website design. Alan is one tough cookie to please when it comes to his flagship business.

4.29.09 With a little help from our friends- like Ove:


Everyone's life except Paul's
Has a flaw that he always recalls.
While casting a line,
He injured his spine
And then snagged himself good on his - overalls.

A nit-picking neighbor named Gan
Picks his nits from wherever he can.
Where there's one minor error,
He's one ruthless terror--
A demon disguised as a man

4.28.09 Louie helping start the garden up again.

4.26.09 Hot in the Barrens today.