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11.28.08 Sean, Dan, Mark and Ann yesterday.

Thanksgiving.08 Tough year (tough turkey) but Ove has a nice thought for the day:

Aside from our flesh, blood and bone,
There is nothing that we really own.
If joined, we prevail,
But divided, we fail,
For not one of us makes it alone.

11.26.08 Tommy was a looney/savant. He is currently lost somewhere in America which is better than poor Mark El who is wandering Mexico near Vera Cruz, blind, crazy, penniless.

Tommy See

11.25.08 Wa week continues.

11.24.08 New Version of Wa (the endless cartoon) in streaming Flash format. DSL users- give it a couple of moments to start (ignore the black text- my boo boo) and you'll see Tommy Jeffries at his best. Sui generis.

The Endless Cartoon

11.23.08 No word from Wa in years.

11.22.08 Still recovering. Feel like one of Hak's Auks:

11.21.08 Old concrete sculpture of Vandella:

11.19.08 New important notice, thanks Ove:

Since the madam caused Adam remorse,
Suppose that he chose to divorce.
What would Eve have to say
If she learned he was gay?
"I'm a Lesbian, Adam," of course.

11.17.08 B

11.16.08 Wassily Kandinsky's portrait of a buzzard. (not)


11.15.08 Fried buzzard.

11.14.08 My head.

11.12.08 Fog. Sturm und drang- drang, drang.. Slowly.

11.9.08 The buzzards are gathering.

11.8.08 11:44 tonight-

Home, sweat, home. Still feverish but surviving.

11.7.08 The view from the top of the Forked River Mountains.

11.6.08 Ove du jour:


With free speech and privacy cursed,
And the threat of amendments reversed,
If this trend gets imbedded,
We'll dread where we're headed.
The Fifth may soon outweigh the First.

11.5.08 A new morning for America. Here is a link to what our new man is up against, Trillionaire monsters: link


11.3.08 Forgot what a serious cold felt like. Not good.

Beh Shahn knew what he was painting about. here

Ben Shahn

Ben Shahn

10.31.08 Hollow Weenie! Take a walk in the dark with us, watch The Horror.

10.28.08 No this isn't our new toopine band below just fans.

Old Bags

A sketch for one of five new, large murals Kathy Loesch is doing for somebody.

10.27.08 It's snowing in Whiting right now.

Work-up for a bedroom mural in Greenwich, CN. by the Bielings: