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10.31.07 Halloween! Have fun.

10.30.07 Trouble, trouble, trouble. Llife has become too....

The Horror new

10.29.07 Asleep at the wheel. See the higher quality version of The Horror now on toopine.

10.28.07 Good fun at The Horror. Toopine version (Flash).

the Horror

10.27.07 The Bieling Horror (the movie) coming soon and JD Speck (Jersey Devil) will be making an entrance in it.

10.26.07 Ciggies?

10.25.07 Annmarie is blond this week.

10.24.07 Insomnia. Bored, so I spray painted the garden.

10.23.07 Has anyone noticed that fall colors aren't what they used to be? Global warming is messing everything up.

end of the color

10.22.07 The Bielings really know how to throw a party.

Bielings website

10.21.07 ?

10.20.07 New space(d) movie:. Mean God of Gold (fixed the PC version so no excuses- watch and suffer)


10.19.07 This day in history, or, HIS story, as Ann says.

today in history

10.18.07 'The Juice' lost it and is 'The Toast' now. Bye OJ.

10.17.07 Marc Chagall had the juice!

Chagall site

10.16.07 Tommy's in the ether it seems. No word at all.

Wa returned = Ward tenure (Ove)



10.14.07 New movie with Mark Elliot musuc and some Hak Vogrin action called Warning (flash). Say hello to Hak (he isn't feeling well lately) email Hak or see his art


Cali. pipedude CaptainChronic showing his wares:

10.13.07 Still kicking out some bugs in the new software so missed a post or two. No Sighs sold. Maybe a grunt would have sold better. Check out Tyler Dobbin animation below.

10.11.07 If you have enough gold you can buy a sigh.

Buy a sigh. $1.00 ($10.00 S&H)

10.10.07 Come on Wa -give us some cartoons! Free at last.

10.9.09 This new Dreamweaver sucks! Oh, well.


10.6.07 hear Jack Wa is on the road like Jack Kerouac- hope he isn't taking bennys.

Flash! Tommy Jeffries has been released from Ancora. Good luck from yer fans,

long may Wa run.

New movie coming this weei- Freaky Hak short called Action.

10.5.07 everything about butterflyBread and butterfly.

10.4.07 Dig a hole through the earth from your spot and see where you would come out on the other side. Here

10.3.07 Can a hearse carrying a corpse drive in the car-pool lane? CrazyThoughts.com.


10.2.07 Hak Vogrin is hanging in there.

Hak's site