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10.26.08 An Ove for ya:

You're living in tents, you defeatist.
These dollars and cents are the sweetest.
I'm giving up dire pay,
Taking the higher way,
Driving a Prius Elitist.


10.24.08 Cholla is an interesting artist. He is a horse.


10.23.08 Making an election video for David Corsi today. Will post a link later if the data he brings is usable. Of course, Toopine is a non-political art related site but we built the Corsi site so it gets a mention. Corsi at YouTube here.

10.22.08 Sure, it's all my fault.

10.21.08 Jeez?

Odd server issues today. www=wwwackiness

10.20.08 An O a day keeps boredom away:

Who's crazy? Take back what you said!
So-called sanity's all in the head.
I have friends you can't see
And they talk just to ME.
You're just ENVIOUS, pal. I'm PERFECTLY sane, and I have all the papers to PROVE it!

Another Wolf Kahn:

10.20.08 18 hours later....everything is dead.

10.19.08 Later...

10.18.08 Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith trekked into the pine barrens to visit Hak and Jean in their old log cabin about the time of this photo (that's Patti).

10.17.08 Wolf Kahn is one of my favorite artists workimg landscape in Vermont. He really understands color.

Wolf Kahn

10.16.08 Big O du jour:

If conception is when life begins,
I've conceived fifteen lives worth of sins.
Hey, but seriously,
Quite mysteriously,
It's an argument neither side wins.

Remember hippies? That's little brother Danny Sedon chez le fauve (among the wild beasts),

10.15.08 An autodidact has a fool for a teacher.

10.15.08 Driving myself crazy today. Teaching yourself advanced Flash coding is like..like, forget it, can't think of anything this tough.

10.14.08 Johanna Loesch must love Twain.

10.13.08 Some pics from Jeffo's new LBI gallery:

Jeffries gallery 1

Jeffries gallery 2

10.12.08 O.V. Ofteness du jour:

Reducing our means with deflation
From a lofty unreal expectation--
Freezing cold mountain air
Is much thinner up there;
We must move to a low elevation

Kunst af Malene Jacobsen . Loves red.

Marlene Jacobsen

10.11.08 UFO's in Jersey? Maybe, stay tuned.

10.10.08 M

10.9.08 Still morphy.

10.8.08 Feeling morphy today.

10.7.08 No mo' 'maters.

10.6.08 Darwinic pilgrims claim the image fills them with an overwhelming feeling of logic.Darwin


10.5.08 Ugh. Allnighter with Zeepo, Vannie and Annie

10.4.08 Rhyming the unrhymeable. SOmeOne can here.

New Flash version of Spring Rain with original music by Mark Elliot Loesch (who is in a bad place right now).

Spring Rain

10.3.08 Congrats Mike Geer and Maggie on new baby girl.

Mike's making music in Austin with The Blackboards. Link

The Blackboards

10.2.08 Let's start with an Ove du jour.


Said renowned doctor Jan-Arjen Mondria:
"An ill-fated patient named Ondria
Had a full body scan...
Every test known to man,
But not one that revealed hypochondria.

10.1.08 Hak Vogrin's painting below will grace the cover of the Phila. poet CA Conrad's new book; from Frank.

from Frank

Conrad interview