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9.30.07 Survivourman Metro Sedon eating cattail stems in Vt.

Dan's son


Here comes the colors again.

9.27.07 Gems- Manic Wa

9.26.07 Ivan is going to discover gold (or diamonds maybe).

9.25.07 This is my pet butterfly called Nevermore

Edgar Allen Poe

9.24.07 Toopine's new SPACE SUIT design during tryouts - I think the shuffle crew want to tow him home. Plain jealousy!

9.23.07 Kath's Myspace here.


9.21.07 <<<The enemy (chiggers).

9.20.07 Summer Rain movieLast full day of Summer 2007- goodbye bugs.

9.19.07 Our buddy Gabriel Thy, D C artist, has his weird internet radio station and it's pretty good- an odd mix of stuff.

Listen to Radio Scenewash here.

Just a pic-

9.18.07 Happy Mundane loves his dirty dishes.

a goofy blog

9.17.07 Who doesn't like Art Brut? It goes very well with a nice bottle of Mumm's Cordon Rouge Brut.

Art Brut site

New ending on the Day at the Beach- Flash brut.

9.16.07 Zeepo's new Murder Mystery Theater begins with:

Day at the Beach

Day at the Beach

9.15.07 The chill is in the air- nearly Fall!

Fall pic

9.14.07 Weird Al borrowed some stuff from Ove for this:

9.13.07 Bad things happen to good kittens. Real pic!

for the strong of stomach

9.12.07 Designing a new look for the toopine site- clean!

9.11.07 For a morbid day- Morbid Facts or, some fat cats:

real pics

9.10.07 Ron Mueck - somtimes bigger is better.


vita brevis- ars longa? Watch art die.

9.9.07 When will YOU die? die time

9.8.07 Jeffo (Richard Jeffries) is center stage in the reunion art show at the Foundation for the Arts and Sciences, LBI, NJ today showing old sculptures.

9.7.07 Goodbye to the 'King of the high C's'- RIP.

9.6.07 ONE of these days.

9.5.07 One of THOSE days.

9.4.07Spooky stuff: leading defence industry uses Celetus!

As Ove, our resident wordsmith, put it: "or NOT Toopong, that is the question".

9.3.07 Try our new and improved Toopong- you can win this one and beat Toopine. Dan Bibaud on the rebuild. Nice!


Serra sucks. Bigger ain't better.

Richard Serra at MOMA

9.1.07 Labor Day weekend. history of labor Where did the summer go?