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9.30.08 Don't ask us what it is but if it can be painted then you can count on The Bielings to get the job done:

Bielings website

Peter and Peter

9.29.08 A couple of Jeffo's (pic is link to Aunt Marie):

Aunt Marie's House

9.28.08 The Ballad of Sarah Palin.by WarpedCorp,

Fooling around with some clay. No, that's not Tommy's skull on the table. His was/is much thicker.

9.26.08 Ove du jour:

Divulging your academic, athletic, military, or financial achievements is fine.

A few things you never should do
Is to mention your genius IQ,
Your sexual assets
And similar facets,
Or that your name's in the Who's Who.

9.25.08 Saw Jeffo (Richard Jeffries) on Long Beach Island yesterday and was nearly blown into the Ocean by a howling nor'easter as we tried to roll up a huge awning on the shop.

Visited Hak and Jean on the way back and they are well.

9.24.08 Annmarie has won the BIG prize, a trip to TCG:

Toopine Clinic

Annmarie is 38 today. Happy Birthday.

9.23.08 Free brand new movie by Michael Moore in high rez:

Slacker Uprising

9.22.08 Remember Julie Fabulous, some would rather not.

Julie Fabulous

Back to regular speed.

Some server issues today- so slow, so slow, slow.

9.21.08 Larry Caveney (one of first artists I met online, many years ago) does perfornance art, maybe that was him in the bear suit. He did a Superman,

Polar bears were spotted in DC yesterday.

Modern Art Notes

9.20.08 I don't think my friend Gabriel Thy sleeps. He is an author (The Silent Cull and Other Mechanical Ideas), an artist (paintings here), web master, internet radio show (Fatz Bullwinkle) and a very difficult person to sum up in a few lines. Visit Scenewash to find out more.


9.19.08 Ove du jour:

Were there facts that the Bible had missed?
Well, their "science" is not on my list.
That fossil's a LIE, son.
It must be a bison.
The dinosaurs did not exist.

I'll bet this is not the medical marijuana store.

9.18.08 There might be some new Jeffo stuff coming soon,

9.17.08 new! Flash version of our Reflections on a Chopper movie here. And Mean God of Gold here.

The Bieling's trompe l'oeil proposal for a building in Burlington, NJ:

Bielings site

9.16.08 Ove du jour:


Almost no one would walk at your side.
People run--they don't take it in stride.
Tell the truth and lose friends.
It often offends.
Look over your shoulder or hide.

See this ass movie- really, trust me:

el culito mas lindo del mundo chile

9.15.08 Now this is what I call art with a capital A, Jesus and Elvis on black velvet.:

9.14.08 Shelly Wentz Evans is a Jersey artist showing at the Noyes Museum in Oceanville.


9.13.08 Eriks Ducats movie: 9/12/08

Our intrepid reporter Ove covering the Ike story.

9.12.08 David Corsi's site, Corsi for Congress is done.

Jean Einbeck Vogrin is in a new show this month:

The Monmouth Museum
On the Campus
761 Newman Springs Road
Lincroft NJ 07738
open Tuesday-Sunday 10-4:30pm

Juried Photography Invitational Exhibition
September 26 - November 2, 2008
Opening Reception Friday, September 26, 6 to 8:00 pm

This exhibition was juried by Stephen Perloff and Sarah Morthland
and will feature work that demonstrates the breadth and diversity
of expression in contemporary photography.

9.11.08 The Ove du jour:

Harold Lloyd Jenkins was he,
Who left us in mid '93,
The great Conway Twitty
Of then Twitty City
In Hendersonville, Tennessee.

Found these comments on our Pinemarch movie:


9.10.08 A new project by Peter Bieling is in the works:


9.9.08 Dan got all busted up in a brawl that made the papers. He was the one who went to the hospital but he's stitched together again and a few dentist visits from now he might look the same (If his lips and nose heal right). He's fine though.

MANCHESTER — A bachelor party traveling in a rented limousine bus turned into a brawl early Sunday morning, leading to the arrest of a Toms River man on assault and weapon offenses, police said. Police responded to a brawl involving 10 men which broke out on a chartered limousine bus at 2:30 a.m. Sunday and arrested Euwanna D. Reeves, 30, said Capt. Brian J. Klimakowski. The bus was returning from a bachelor party when Reeves became agitated with other passengers and began assaulting several of them, according to police. The driver pulled over on the side of Route 70, near mile marker 37, got out and called police, Klimakowski said. Two men were struck with beer bottles and another was punched in the face, police said. Reeves was also charged with possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, two counts of simple assault, and one count of criminal mischief. Bail was set at $55,000 by Manchester Municipal Court Judge Phillip Miller. Reeves remained in the Ocean County Jail Monday morning, officials said. Assisting the Manchester officers at the scene were officers from the Lakehurst Police Department, Ocean County Sheriff's Department Criminal Investigation Unit, MONOC Paramedics and Quality Medical Transport.

Anyone notice the birds in the flowers?

9.8.08 Kathleen Loesch has a new site she is working on:

Kathleen Loesch site

9.7.08 The tomatos are pleased with the rain. Ripening now.

9.6.08 The Pine Barrens desert had some drops of rain last night and you can almost hear the flora singing this morning. Hanna is heading this way but even hurricanes bounce off the Barrens. The fellow shaking the spear got it right.

King Lear - "Blow wind and crack your cheeks rage blow you cataracts and hurricanos spout till ..." -Shakespeare

9.5.08 Kath loved Da Vinci as a little girl and tried to draw like he did. She drew dark scraches on the backs of large leaves when crayons, pencils and paper were gone, which was most of the time. Da Vinci

Kathleen Loesch

9.4.08 Getting Kath up to speed on her new iMac.

9.3.08 Dunno. That's better.

9.2.08 Ove quickie:

So-so-quick anagrams:


A "plan," sir? Ha! / A sharp nail.

9.1.08 Goodbye Summer, hello Fall.